Well where many celebrities have joined hands to stand against sexual harassment and  boycott Lux Style Awards by requesting to remove their names from the nominees list including include Eman Suleman, Rubaab Ali, clothing brand Generation, MUAs Saima Bagfrede, Fatima Nasir, Meesha Shafi, and rock band The Sketches, then there are some  who are criticizing this step, the famous actress Iman Aly is among those who have criticized all those who are boycotting LSA . She shared her views through her Instagram account by saying,

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On which model Eman Suleman also responded that she has belittled our efforts. Meesha Shafi also takes a dig at Iman Ali by tweeting in favor of Eman Suleman appreciating her but at the same time pointing at Iman Aly too.