When it comes to Mehwish Hayat, we have slowly come to realize that her talent has no boundaries. First as an actress starring in popular dramas and two blockbusters, she has strung together quite a portfolio. Now she has made her debut in coke studio’s season 9, singing alongside music producer Shiraz Uppal.

It’s not the first time Mehwish has set foot in a recording studio but this is supposedly big! The female power house is the new name for this sensational platform And from Coke studio’s history, once an actress, VJ or host sings on that platform, they could add that to their shelf of hits for sure!!

If you are skeptical about her performance, rest assured with this testimonial.

A member of the show’s production crew stated, “Mehwish has done an impressive job as a singer as she was able to hold her own opposite Shiraz.”