If any of you thought that the disastrous ‘Angel’ debacle was the last you saw of Taher Shah, you were wrong!! Behold the leaked BTS from Taher Shah’s latest venture, “MERMAID”

Seems like this year we get a new year’s treat, EUGH!! The  song will be released on 25th December 2016 on Christmas and Quaid e Azam’s birthday.

The public, or if you’d like to call them his ‘fans’ are outraged , and some are even confused, but we have to give it to this man, whatever they say, everybody is waiting for this song to release!! At least his haters guarantee him some views for his videos, they’re what made him so famous!!

Taher Shah is not just a creative genius but he has also inspired some of the most hilarious tweets of all time!! People get from hilarious to downright epic as soon as some information gets out about this singer! Although everybody’s tried, we still haven’t figured out “what the hell is he thinking?!”

Ever since his first release; ‘Eye to Eye’, and then the dreadful ‘Angel’, Taher has garnered a lot of attention. He practically is a celebrity, his videos makes rounds of face book and after every release he becomes a sensation for a while.  Earlier this year, it was found posted on his official website that Taher had been offered a role in a Hollywood movie, and that would be based on his debut song ‘Eye to Eye’. Yeah, roll those eyes, but this man is known to do impossible things. Anyways , we sure can’t wait to see what he’s got in store now!