We all get shocked when the actor Mohsin Haider Abbas ‘s wife has come up with accusations against him for domestic voilence with enough evidences and proofs showing her bruised face and injuries which seems a brutal attempt from Mohsin for beating up his pregnant wife when she learns about his extra marital affair with an emerging model Nazish Jahanghir. Gohar Rasheed and Dua Malik has come forward as the eyewitness of Mohsin beating her wife in public too. Many celebrities has come forward in support of Fatima Sohail and shames Mohsin’s conduct. Mohsin Abbas comes up with his press conference in the middle of the night where he is swearing on Holy book and defaming her wife but all that could not justify his beatings. Fatima Sohail replies on his press conference by saying that she was silent because she wants to keep her marriage but now it is enough.