The sensational singer and beautiful woman was in the media industry for quite a few years, but her recent Afreen-ing on Coke studio season 9 ramped up her popularity a few notches.. And now, she can’t even have dessert without being ambushed! Momina is upset about this situation as it restricts her freedom, she did try to reason with her fans but all it managed to do was offend them!

While the girl respects and loves her fans! she is thankful for the support they provide her, but some recent events have upset her deeply! We’re as miffed as she is, about this situation because she is a girl, celebrity  or not! She deserves her personal space and time! The girl can’t even attend a desert place opening because her fans and admirers ambushed her, not fair!

“Please don’t forget that I’m just another girl too at the end of the day who might not be so comfortable taking selfies with men I do not know at all. I truly feel honored by the respect you extend, but please give me the same leverage as you would give to any other girl” Momina pleads with her fans.

You go girl! Nobody’s got the right to take away your freedom and happiness!

So #MominaMustehsan also got her customised bomber jacket – #SuperCool

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