If you haven’t already watched the video ‘purposefully made and leaked’ of our very noble and righteous Mufti Abdul Qawi and The infamous model Qandeel Baloch, please do.

The video starts with Qandeel offering him ‘Lights’ and then telling her fans how happy she was that the Mufti called her and INSISTED that she visit him!

The moment when you see the Chand before time :D

The poor chap wanted to see her chand sa face before he saw the ‘Chand’ for the month of Ramadan, of course sins like these, and what follows, mustn’t be committed in such a holy month.

Whatever happened before or after that video was shot, here’s what followed after it was leaked..

Mubashir Lucman had a field day when he called the couple (that’s what we’re calling them, no?) on

his show. The justifications and clarifications were hilarious!!

Uri Uri si zulfien kuch aur hi keh rahi hai Mulvi Sahb

Uri Uri si zulfien kuch aur hi keh rahi hai Mulvi Sahb :p

And then it ended with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony suspending the Mufti Sahab. You know, if all of them could get the same action this poor chap did, nobody would have been so grumpy, but what can we say about these eccentric old men and their wishes.



“Tou kya hua agar mene Qandeel Baloch Sahiba se milne ki khuahish Zahir ki?”-Mufti Abdul Qavi