Nazia Hassan is known as one if the very few women who had it all, beauty, an-honest-to-goodness character and a soul touching voice! It’s a widely known belief that what took this beautiful gem what the evil eye.
She started her career in the Late 1970s at the tender age of 15, when she luckily met the legendary Feroz Khan at a house party in UK. Feroz convinced her to audition for Biddu, a London-based music composer. Her first song, “Aap Jaisa Koi” was recorded for the Bollywood movie Qurban in 1980. She won the Filmfare Award for the Best Playback singer for the song, “Aap Jaisa Koi”.
Watch this video and see this young beauty answer this interviewer. Nazia was in school at the time of her first hit, she is so innocent and naive in this video but still she’s filled with charisma. With such delicate feminine features Nazia’s voice is the perfect ode to a heart, the newscaster seems to be very bold, but our shy little girl here answers her questions with unmarred honesty and wonder. This happened just before the time Nazia and her brother were signed up as co-singers for the movie, ” Star”. Seemed like Nazia herself couldn’t believe how big of a success she’d become, do tell us how she sounds, singing without any instruments, we absolutely love it!!!