Pakistani boy Cyril James made himself to get into the list of top 16 finalist in a dance competition Red Bull Beat it at Malta. Wow! Cyril told about himself “ I still can’t really believe that it has happened, actually. For a boy from a small neighbourhood like Mehmoodabad who used to secretly practice in churches and abandoned parks with his friend, Asad Liberious (R.I.P), this really is no less than a miracle. To be honest, I always was sure this day would come because my imagination is very focused and vivid, but nevertheless, when something you dream about for 9 – 10 years becomes a reality, it’s a whole new feeling of glory!” He further added “We had people from all over the world come for the auditions; places like Romania, UK, USA, Russia, Serbia, Malta, etc, so at first it did feel like I wasn’t going to get selected. I was super nervous, had about 4 red bull drinks just because of that. But when I entered all I cared about was to live that moment for my people back home in Pakistan. I am officially the first ever Pakistani participant and finalist in a world renowned dance championship which luckily happens to Red Bull Beat It, the cherry on top of the cake!” Wow Cyril James you made us proud.