With the slogan”Kuch Meetha Ho jaye” Cadbury’s new TVC is all about sweetness of relations, and its a subtle attempt to make people realize the importance of sweetness in our daily life and in our relationships. Sweetness will certainly makes your life and relationships more beautiful and full of life. Keeping all this in mind Cadbury’s Pakistan came up with their new Brilliant ad.

Beautifully shot with perfect casting, the new Cadbury TVC is an absolute love, which will make you emotional and touchy. The ad very exquisitely portrays the scene of a wedding day and the anxieties and tensions parents particularly fathers had regarding the arrangements of the wedding day. I really love the way Mawra performed in the ad, looking extremely pretty in a bridal attire, Mawra truly reflects the feelings and the relation of a daughter, and the sweetness of her relationship with her father. Perfectly played by Javaid Shaikh and Mawra Hocane.

Cadbury’s TVC is a brilliant attempt to make people realize the importance of sweetness in life be it relationships or food. One needs break to add sweetness into it. When eyes and hearts open up that is the ideal time to add sweetness into it. Celebrate your life and relationships by adding sweetness to it. “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye!”