Well our Prime Minister never cease to impress us all with his humble and honesty, his gesture of taking about Peace  and offering to resolve matters with peace and dialogue at the crucial time when PM of India warmongering is at its height and then sending the captured Indian Wing Commander back to India with dignity has won hearts of millions all across the globe. There is a trend going on Twitter which demands #NobelPrizeForImranKhan. It all started when American Comedian Jeremey McLenan tweet and then there was a Petition going on net which crossed 300,000 signs then we see a Kashmiri ex minister Faesal Shah who also thinks that Imran Khan deserve Nobel Peace Prize. Well our humble Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted about this saying ” I’m not worthy of Nobel Peace Prize.  The person worthy of this would be the one who solves the Kashmir dispute according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people and paves the way for peace & human development in the subcontinent.”