The iconic PTV Classics drama serial Ankahi is making his theater debut in  coming October.  The play was to be held in the month of March but it was postponed because of COVID 19 Situation. Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi (ACPKHI) held a press conference for theater “ANKAHI 2020” on Wednesday (August 19, 2020), at Auditorium II Arts Council. In that conference, renowned writer, Haseena Moin, President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah, Senior Actor Sajid Hassan, Actress Amna Ilyas, and director Dawar Mahmood  gave the briefing. This play was written by  the legendary writer Haseen Moin,  in the 1980s for  PTV and it was a super duper hit, in fact it is considered as one of the best classics of PTV . Director Dawar Mahmood team and comedy company is giving her a huge tribute by honoring her with ANKAHI 2020.