Just kidding, she doesn’t have limits, what will she cross?! But,  if you’re looking for what we’re thinking, this is the place for you! Mufti Abdul Qavi didn’t get suspended for naught, he got something good out of it for sure!

The moment when you see the Chand before time  :D

The moment when you see the Chand before time 😀

Because Qandeel can’t wait to put it all OUT THERE! She had been hinting at something big that was coming, and we all knew it would be another internet sensation, like the almost-strip-tease, selfies with the molvi. We just didn’t know the next big sensation would come as Aryan Khan latest music video with even shorter clothes (slashed and tight), a lot of petting (she believes in doing it herself maybe?) And some seemingly harmless twerking!

“At least international media can see what I am up to. How I am trying to change the typical orthodox mindset of people who don’t wanna come out of their shells of false beliefs and old practices ”- Qandeel

Urm….She still has some shell left?!

The video was produced and funded by the singer, Aryan khan, himself. When we asked him about the video, he was very proud while mentioning that the Artists chose the environment and outfits themselves.

Ladies, please a take a look and these candy-pink stilettos, and remember never to look again.

Qandeel was chosen by the production house themselves for her promises, sorry, but what? Is that what they’re calling it right now?!

And if the raunchy dance moves and costumes would leave something to concentrate on, you might want to listen to ban too, which isn’t very great FYI..

#Bann 😳 #qandeelBaloch #AryanKhan … Ohkay it is difficult to digest … Hmmm 😳

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The thing is, we don’t know who the culprit is here, every one of them; the producers, the singer and Qandeel herself are so confident, its amusing to say in the least!!

Stay tuned for an exclusive piece on Aryan Khan and his views about the video and OF COURSE, Qandeel.