One of the top trending drama serial these days Raaz e Ulfaat seems to move fast towards its conclusion. The previous and this episode in particular is one of the most satisfying episodes for the audience as in that  the vile and cunning Sahiba is facing  the music, she is tasting her own medicine.  In the mid of their Nikkah ceremony Nomi’s mother accuses Sahiba for stealing her jewellery.

The most amazing part is that Nomi is  not affected by this whole scene, he is busy chilling with his friends when his mother calls him and asks him about Sahiba’s claims of him gifting her his mother’s jewellery, he to our surprises very bluntly denies that she has not gifted anything to Sabiha, he further accuses her that she might have stolen her jewellery. Sahiba is shocked to see Nomi denying her like that she accuses him as a liar and cheat and in a flow she starts reminding her that she has gifted her the ring as an engagement ring and the set as a token of their love which has also surprised Irtaza. Irtaza is seeing the true self of Sahiba who is not near to the he idealizes. dreams. She is not pure nor innocent.

Moreover Nomi’s mother accuses Sahiba 0f having physical relationship with his son  and when Sahiba’s mother pushes her in anger, Nomi intervenes and as a revenge he reveals Sahiba’s true ugly face in front of Irtaza telling him that she along with him has wronged Mushk. Nomi says that Mushk is so pure and innocent while Sahiba has no character. Irtaza’s world turns upside down when he hears that Mushk is being trapped by them. Nomi seeks forgiveness from Mushk and walks away. Well one wonders he also needs some sort of punishment too? For Irtaza, Sahiba is now not acceptable, he leaves the nikkah ceremony in the middle and walks away.

Mushk is absorbing what she has witnessed, she is not believing that divine justice has been served. She is happy and thankful to Allah who has cleared her in front of all but then Ismail tells Mushk that now when Irtaza has known the truth, he will come to her. Ismail indirectly suggests Mushk that their relationship has no soul and ground so she should follow her heart. Well lets see who will Mushk going to choose Ismail or Irtaza? Ismail who has taken him when she is shamed by the world or Irtaza who leaves Mushk without even hearing her side of story? What you think Mushk should do? She should save her marriage or she should follow her heart?