The much popular drama serial Raaz e Ulfat airing at Geo Entertainment comes up with another episode. Last two previous episodes were extremely satisfying to watch as Saheba is getting the treatment she truly deserves. However Nomi has still not got his share of  punishment and in this episode we are seeing Ismail getting what he does not really deserve. He is the one who accepts Mushk when Irtaza left her, he believed her, supports her, he has given her respect now out of no where Irtaza comes back and he is pleading Mushk to give her a second chance. Do Irtaza really deserve a second chance?

Irtaza’s father apologetic behavior is making no sense at all. How can he still accept Saheba as his daughter in law after what he hears from Nomi and her mother. He Knows that it is all true and it is too shameful but still he is not only ready to accept her as his daughter in law but he also apologizes Saheba and her parents on behalf of Irtaza. It is so disappointing. Another disappointing part is that by knowing all that Saheba’s father do not react the way he should have reacted with Saheba. He should strictly question her daughter and wife about their past conduct.

Irtaza on the other hand is being too pathetic again, he calls Mushk and literally threatens her to meet him otherwise he will come to her home and when Mushk comes to meet him he says that  her coming and meeting him  is the proof that she still loves him. Irtaza begs Mushk to give him a second chance and he is confident that Ismail will going to understand them and he will let Mushk go. What do you think Mushk should give Irtaza the second chance after what he has done to her?

Ismail also senses that Mushk and Irtaza are meeting each other. He tells Mushk that it hurts him if she hides anything from him, he says that he will not keep her bound with him by force. Well honestly speaking Ismail do not deserve to be abandoned like that, he is gem of a person, he has given Mushk respect, care, love and confidence to face the world. Do you think Mushk will be right to disregard all goodness Ismail has done with her for her love, where on the other hand it is Irtaza who has not believed her when she is begging her to listen to her side of story, he had left her as a bride on their wedding day and refuses to marry her , it is Ismail who takes Mushk and accepts her. So do Irtaza really deserves a second chance?