Raaz e Ulfat one of the most popular drama series is unnecessarily dragged by the  makers with its 35 episodes down story seems to be stucked, there is no major development in this episode except showing Amber’s wedding festivities. One development you can say is that Mushk’s heart now starts beating for Ismael. She has started developing some sort of feelings for him which is good because we feel that Irtaza do not deserve her.

One may wonder that where is Mushk’s ego and moral compass? She is wandering with Irtaza on the same beach once again knowing that she is now a married woman and also that it is Irtaza who has refused to marry her and trust her on their Wedding day. It is because of him that she has to marry Ismael, otherwise situation would be different she would have been his wife. Now Irtaza has the audacity to say  that she cannot see her live in that miserable state not for once Mushk tries to correct Irtaza that she is not in a miserable state in fact Ismael takes great care of her. It is so heart breaking to  see Ismael watching Mushk getting out of Irtaza’s car.

Well Ismael wins Mushk heart when her mother tries to investigate that where she has been all the evening, Ismael intervenes and lies that Mushk is with him. Mushk has realized that Ismael is gem of a person and her feelings seems inclined towards him as it is shown that during all  the Wedding festivities Mushk’s eyes are following Ismael and it seems that she is anxious to hold a glance at him whenever she gets a chance. Well it seems so satisfying to see Mushk developing some feelings for Ismael as that man do not deserved to be abandoned.

The ending scene has one again disappointed the audience when Mushk asks Ismael that can he live without her? It may give us an inkling that Mushk is having second thoughts, she might be considering Irtaza’s proposal. Mushk’s mother is listening their whole conversation. Mushk says that she is extremely grateful to Ismael. It seems that poor Ismael is too in love with Mushk and the thought of losing Mushk is haunting him but he is fighting with it all like a true gentleman. It is Mushk who should realize that it is Ismael who has believed her when no one is believing her. It is he who has  accepted her when Irtaza has left her on her Wedding day.