Raaz e Ulfat the drama serial airing at GEO Entertainment is getting too much dragged. In my opinion this play should  have been conclude by now. Well this episode has been very happening, Saheba kills Nomi. Well it is Saheba who initiated the plan of abducting Mushk and she is the one who manipulates Nomi but it is shown that he gets the severe punishment whereas Saheba has been forgiven by Mushk and Irtaza. I find it little unfair, Saheba deserves equal punishment or if she has to be forgiven then they should have done that too with Nomi as we have seen in the previous episodes that Nomi himself seeks Mushk’s forgiveness.

Saheba was all set to marry Irtaza despite of all this, but then Nomi who happens to be Irtaza’s neighbor one of his servant comes at Irtaza’s place for seeking a job and there he busted Saheba’s reality to Irtaza and his parents that how she used to be partner in crime with Nomi and how with Nomi’s help she abducted Mushk  and they were planning to do something really bad with her but then she is timely saved by him. It is he who brings her back to her house. Irtaza’s parents call off the wedding when they hear Saheba’s reality.

Mushk is in a huge dilemma, she has Ismael who is super caring and a gem of a person the one who trusts and believes her when no one did, he accepts her when Irtaza refuses to marry her. On the other hand there is Irtaza her first love but he is the one who was not ready to listen her side of story and he refuses to marry her without even listening to her. It is he who leaves her as a bride on her wedding night, how can Mushk even thinking of preferring him over Ismael?

Saheba after killing Nomi gets hospitalized as Nomi has injured her while defensing himself. Nomi dies and Saheba is there in the hospital she wants to meet Mushk and Irtaza. Irtaza calls Mushk and tells her about Saheba and that he is coming to take her. Mushk’s mother do not stop her from going with Irtaza. Well Mushk is in love but her mother should have consider that Mushk is married woman how can she meets Irtaza like that, it is not appropriate. She should snub her for doing that. Mushk is all good she heartily forgives Saheba by saying that she always consider her as her friend. Well then why Poor Nomi has been killed he has also asked forgiveness from Mushk, he should also been forgiven when the master mind of that plan is forgiven then why not him, Saheba just used him.