Mushk’s journey of love finally comes to a conclusion with Raaz e Ulfat’s finale. The play has been stretched too long and finally it ended last night. The ending is happy, based on Mushk and Ismael’s happy union. It is so satisfying to see Mushk leaving Irtaza and choosing Ismael over him. Mushk’s heart fully acknowledges that Ismael is a gem of  a person, rare to find, his love is pure and true unlike Irtaza who left her when she needed him the most. It is Ismael who believes her when Irtaza has refused to hear her explanation and doubted her.

The scene where Mushk has got the realization at their much essential and signature seaside location where Irtaza is professing his love to her and asking her to marry him but he also shares that his family is not happy particularly his father, he is not ready to accept a divorcee as her daughter in law so they will going to elope and get married. This sentence by Irtaza strikes Mushk, Irtaza is already labeling her as a divorcee, as if it is some kind of flaw. Secondly he still fails to create a place for her in front of his parents. He still fails to give her the share of respect she truly deserves.

Mushk rightly decides that Irtaza is not the one with whom she should spend her whole life with. She cannot live with  a person who himself and his family considered her a divorcee. Whereas there is Ismael and his family who truly adores her. Mushk has already decided that she will go back to Ismael but then he gets a call from him that her mother is in the hospital. Mushk fears that Ismael has not read the letter she has written for him. He is holding a letter but it was something written by Mohini and for that she is extremely grateful to Mushk .

Later they come to know that Mohini has fallen from the rooftop and Mushk has found her letter the one she has written for Isamael in Mohini’s fist, she immediately discards that letter by throwing it out of the car. Well one wonders how come a mentally challenged girl Mohini who is barely learning how to write her name can read such a comprehensive letter and understand it? It is shown that Mohini has read the letter and jumps off in desperation. Mushk admits in front of  Ismael that she loves his family, children and Mohini and she has also fallen in love with him. All well that ends well. Mushk has made a wise decision. A satisfying End.