Raaz e Ulfat one of much loved drama serial running at GEO Entertainment is so close to its conclusion. Well audience is still wondering that what possibly going to be this play’s conclusion with whom Mushk will eventually going to end up? Irtaza? Does Irtaza actually deserves her? Not forgetting that he is the one who has left her on her Wedding day and refuses to marry her. Then it is Ismaeel who believes her and despite of such scandalous things going about her, he believes in her purity and accepts her in his life unlike Irtaza who was not even ready to listen to her side of story.

Well Saheba has not got away with this, despite of seeking Mushk and Irtaza’s forgiveness and the fact that she has been whole heartily forgiven by both of them, Divine Justice has been served in this case, she has gone into deep coma as her head injury has done internal bleeding in her brain. So like Nomi she is also punished for her sins by Nature. On their way back from the hospital Irtaza once again asks Mushk to give him a second chance. Well it seems that Mushk is considering to give Irtaza a second chance.

Mushk is of the view that she do not love Ismaeel, she whole heartily admits his greatness. Moreover she thinks that by staying in this forced relationship she is doing wrong to Ismaeel as she cannot be faithful with him. Her heart still beats for Irtaza, she loves him but she truly respects Ismaeel for he has been so kind with her. However going to this painful dilemma Mushk has finally made her mind that she is going to leave Ismaeel for good as continuing herself in this forced marriage she will not going to do justice with it.

Mushk writes a heart touching note to Ismaeel in which she explains in detail her situation to Ismaeel admitting that he is the gem of a person she has ever met and she feels that she do not deserve him as he is too good for her and she thinks that he deserves much better than her. Mushk leaves that letter on her side table and leaves the house. The way she leaves Ismaeel’s kids and Mohini is so heart touching that she is in tears. Her heart is also beating for them when she is leaving them. Well Irtaza do not deserve Mushk and Ismaeel and his family ceratinly dio not deserved to be abandoned like that.