The most anticipated drama serial Raqs Bismil aired its first episode on last Wednesday at Hum TV, the drama serial seems promising with a solid story line and brilliant performances. The play moves around a Syed Peer household including two of their sons Moosa and Eesa. It seems that writer has attempted to portray the characters with  having character traits of Moses and Jesus, Moosa is like Moses aggressive and fiery and Eesa is like Jesus sweet and soft. The story line seems solid and its penned down by veteran writer Hashim Nadeem. One of the interesting thing about this play is that it is also featuring the digital sensation Momin Saqib as Eesa.

The play begins with an action. Eesa informs Moosa in the middle of a Dars session that their cousin has eloped and she is marrying someone who is non Syed. Both the brothers leave the dars and get to the spot, and there they create a lot of fuss and Moosa ends up dragging her cousin from that place. Moosa is super angry he is in no mood to spare her but then Sakina’s mother intervenes and she gives the sake of her milk and saves her. Well in this whole scene it is shown that Eesa is feeling very bad for Sakina one wonders then why at the first place he has informed Moosa about her.

Sakina’s Taya, Peer Sahab decides that he will soon marry off Sakina with Eesa. Eesa like a good son agrees to his father’s order. It seems that he always have feelings for Sakina but on the other hand Sakina has created a lot of hue and cry over this decision. Eesa is not as qualified as her, he has not received proper formal education like her therefore he is not her match moreover it is shown that Eesa is slightly younger than her.

On her Nikkah day Sakina cursed Moosa that may he get in love with someone and loses his lover like the way she lost her love, she ill wishes him that may he never get his love. It seems that Moosa will going to have a tragic love story. The ending scene of this episode is the most powerful when Moosa gets into a bus and there his eyes meet to the girl of his dreams. A girl clad in Niqaab speaks up for him in the bus when whole bus is accusing him for harassing a girl. It seems that the girl has already won Moosa’s heart. Well one wonders  does that girl belongs to a Syed family or this rule of not marrying a non Syed is only for Sakina?