A much trending drama serial Raqs e Bismil is getting stronger as the story proceeds with its  YouTube views crossing many Millions. The best part of this play is that the story is rapidly moving forward I hope the makers do not drag the story like other serials into 30 to 40 episodes. Moosa and Issa both portrayals are quite impressive. It is shown that Moosa from head to toe is in love with Zohra despite knowing that his family is setting his engagement with Sitara, Moosa’s passion for Zohra is not getting slow, he is always found in the corner of Zohra’s lane even people there  at the lane starts calling him an Ashiq we have been introduced with an interesting character of Paan Wala played by Salim Mairaj.

Moosa is not clearly refusing his father but he has told everything to her mother who is shocked to know that her son is involved in a girl. Despite of Moosa’s resistance his engagement is fixed with Sitara and a small ceremony is also being done. Moosa’s father tells him that this proposal is really important for him because Sitara’s father is bigger Gaddi Nasheen and by creating relationship with that family it will going to boost their followers, it is speaking volumes about the hypocrisy of this so called spiritual setup which is more like a business.

Sakina on the other hand is getting more and more vile, she wants her revenge from everyone. I mean she has been wronged by Moosa and Issa but since Issa is being such a nice person she should have accept the fact that she is married now but she is shamelessly arguing with Issa telling him that she do not love him nor she has ever accepted him as her husband. Issa has challenged her that if her lover dares to come in front of him, he will divorce her and will marry her off with him.

Zohra is showing tantrums to Moosa telling him that she cannot marry him and his presence in her lane annoys her. Moosa is insisting Zohra to give him a chance. Zohra taunts Moosa on his  get up that his religious look does not suits with his actions  on which Moosa raises a very serious question that religious people have no right to express their feelings. Zohra eventually invites him to a dance party so that he will see her real face and will gets repelled. The ending scene is so powerful when Moossa is entering into the bungalow and he gets shocked to see Zohra dancing in the party. Zohra’s reality has blown Moosa’s mind. Will Moosa still going to be as crazy for her as he was before as now he knows that she is nothing like a girl of his dreams?