Raqs e Bismal with its four episodes down, the serial on Hum TV is getting stronger and interesting. The opening scene of  the episode is most powerful one where Moosa drags Zohra out of the place and accuse her for faking herself as a pious woman. This episode is full of power packed performances. Zohra tells Moosa that she wears Hijaab because of him and people like him, she says that she does that because she wants to hide her identity from everyone. She leaves Moosa baffled with a question that what kind of passion he has for her which vanishes with her change of attire? Has he fallen for her getup only. Moosa is speechless on this question.

People at the party call Police and Moosa is taken to the lockup. Another powerful performance is by Mehmood Aslam as Peer Sahab when he goes at Police Station with Issa and the way he talks with the Inspector and then the following scene is even more powerful where he talks with Moosa directly about his conduct. Here Imran Ashraf’s performance is simply impeccable. Moosa clearly admits that he meets that girl Zohra four to five times and that he is quite helpless in controlling his feelings towards her. Peer Sahab is in furious range but then Moosa’s mother intervenes and somehow she manages to cool down the situation.

The conversation between Moosa and her mother seems little odd when she asks Moosa that is that girl Zohra is more beautiful than  her mother? What does it mean? Is she comparing herself with that girl it seems odd what she meant to say is that the love of that girl has taken over Moosa so much that he has forgotten his mother and her love for him. He is disregarding all her mother’s love and sacrifices for a girl but the way  Moosa’s mother said is quite odd.

We have seen that Moosa’s passion for Zohra is not getting slow. Her question is continuously circulating in Moosa’s head. He once again finds himself at the lane where Zohra lives and there he met that same Namuraad Paan wala, he recognizes him and tells him that everyone in the lane knows him as  an Ashiq. Moosa asks him for Zohra’s house. He put down his turban and hands him to that Paan wala before entering into Zohra’s Kotha. Moosa goes there, the head of the place Anna jee meets him and she demands him the price for meeting Zohra just like any other professional Harlot. Moosa being a Gaddi Nasheen is paying a price to meet a Harlot!