Raqs e Bismil’s 5th Episode is quite under whelming as compared to its previous episodes which were quite powerful. In this episode we have seen that Moosa’s passion is not slowing down despite of his father’s snubbing, Moosa is still after Zohra which is not making any sense at all. Moosa has fallen in love with Zohra because she seems to him just like the girl of his dreams, an ideal pious girl whose hands were also covered but since then Moosa has known Zohra’s reality why he is still being that crazy for her? Now him being a Gaddi Nasheen how can he even dream of marrying a courtesan.

It is also shown that Moosa have double standards, for him Sakeena marrying a boy outside their cast is totally not acceptable but for him as a Gadi Nasheen it is totally fine to marry  a  girl with such objectionable background? Moosa desperately wants to meet Zohra and for that he is being so desperate to get a lump sum amount of money that he is pleading Issa to arrange for him that amount of money as soon as possible. This desperation of Moosa is also evident to Sakina and she really wants to know what is going with him.

Moosa is so desperate that he has forgotten that now his love has turned into mad stalking and harassment. Apparently Moosa is planning to ask Anna Jee to take Zohra for an event but he has some other plan cooking in his head. Meanwhile Moosa’s father in law to be asking him to visit their house where he meets his fiance Sitara, his annoyance is clearly evident from his face but poor Sitara has not sensed it. Moosa eventually manages to arrange the money with the help of  his brother Issa.  We have been also introduced by another character played by Furqaan.

Moosa takes help of Na Muraad Paan wala who seems to be a heart broken lover, he whole heartily supports Moosa and he takes full guarantee of Moosa in front of Anna Jee. Moosa is not going to keep his words, he has planned a secret Nikkah of him and Zohra with the help of Issa. Well here Moosa once again falls from grace by his madness and harassing attitude. Zohra has clearly refused him then how come he force her to marry him? Well we are wondering for Na Muraad Paan Wala who has taken full guarantee of Moosa how will poor he going to face Anna Jee? Will Zohra agrees to marry Moosa?