One of the most powerful episode is this recent one of Raqs e Bismil aired at ARY Digital. In this episode the drama takes a drastic turn when Moosa’s father disowns him and dethrones him from the family Gaddi. The episode begins when a powerful scene where once again Zohra questions Moosa’s love for her and she labels it as hypocrisy. Zohra says that she is not the one who is in love with him, it is he who loves her so she cannot marry him. She detests Moosa’s attempt of doing Nikkah with her by force. Moosa back off  from his decision.

In the meantime it has been midnight and Zohra’s Anna Jee is freaking out and on top of that Na Muraad Paan Wala fans her fire by saying that she will not going to able to see Zohra again as she is going to be in Moosa’s nikkah tonight. Anna Jee loses her cool she calls the police they put Namuraad in lock up and they are in search of Moosa. Inspector visits Moosa’s haweli in the middle of the night, he meets with Moosa’s father and tells him about Moosa and his involvement in that missing Harlot.

It seems that Moosa’s father is not that hypocrite and he certainly do not that dual standards like  Moosa. He is man of principles. He clearly tells that Police Officer that he is free to do whatever he wants to do with Moosa he can even shoot him, he should not think that he is his son as he is disowning  him for this shameless act. Moosa on the other hand very respectfully leaves Zohra back to her place in the middle of the night. Zohra tells Anna Jee how she refuses to do Nikkah and how he respects her opinion and how he has dropped her back. She requests Anna Jee to take back the case.

One of the most power packed performance is the ending scene where Moosa and his father meets. His father snubs him in front of Sakina, her mother, Issa, his mother and disowns him from their Family Gaddi and he says that Essa will be his heir. Sakina fires his uncle’s anger by reminding him that it is the same Moosa who punished her for marrying a non Syed although he was from a respectable family but then he is the one who is marrying a Harlot. Will he going to be punished same like her? One of the most powerful scene is where Sakina is allowed to slap Moosa and she does slap him. Imran Asharaf gives an award winning performance there when Sakina slaps hard on his face and he has a drop of tear in his eye and a broken smile then when his father puts off his dastaar the embarrassment and heartbreak is also so beautifully played.