HUM TV’s drama serial Raqs e Bismil is becoming more intriguing as the story proceeds. We have seen in the last episode that how Moosa’s father disowns him from his family name and title and how he declares Essa as his heir. Essa is not ready to accept this responsibility as he cannot imagine to take his brother’s place.  It is Moosa who insists Essa that he should take this responsibility as he has the burden of meeting his father’s expectations now and he should not disappoint him the way he did. Performances are on point and the execution is brilliant in this play.

Essa’s dastaarbaandi event takes place where Essa gets the family title and Dastaar is placed on his head instead of Moosa. He is sitting in the corner like a nobody. Everyone noticed that including Sitara’s father too who later questions Moosa’s father that why he has done that. Moosa’s father promises him that he will tell him all the truth. Sitara’s father gets the inkling that Moosa has committed some huge mistake that is why he is abandon by his father like that. He has made his mind that he will not going to marry off his daughter there.

One of the most heart breaking scene is when Essa comes out after Dastaarbandi, Moosa comes forward and bends down putting chappal at his brother’s feet. The way Essa looks at his brother says a lot about the immense love he has for his brother. The portrayal of this brother’s love and respect is so beautifully portrayed by the writer Hashim Nadeem. Moosa has lost everything his father’s trust, his title, his family name and  property for Zohra but it seems that heartless Zohra  does not even care andshe do not  feels guilty about it. She simply says that Moosa lost all this because of his own conduct.

There is another entry of the character Malik which is played by Furqaan,  he is shown to be  a  married man from a typical feudalistic background. He already has a wife who lives in his village but he also wants a company in city. It is shown that he is greatly interested in Zohra and she is  all over his mind since the day he met her. He with the help of his friend throws a huge party for Zohra and there the episode ends when Malik meets Zohra. Well for Moosa, Malik seems to be a tough competition.  Lets see who wins Zohra?