HUM TV’s drama serial Raqs e Bismil on airs its another episode but it is quite slow paced, story seems moving gradually and there are repetitions. The episode begins with Malik Sheharyaar’s party scene. Malik Sheharyaar introduces himself to Zohra but here Zohra seems too arrogant to be an escort. She very rudely talks with him, it is he who  has especially thrown this party for her but Zohra being an escort has not entertained him at all. It is not how these escorts business goes Zohra’s behavior is quite unrealistic.

We have seen Moosa gone through a transformation after falling for Zohra, he is not the same Moosa who is hot headed and grumpy, he used to be always ready to fight but now he is changed. The way  he asks his mother to let him have Zohra is so heart touching, he begs her to grant his wish and then he says that even if she will not fulfill his wish then too its okay he will have no issue with her mother. This way of asking has truly moved Moosa’s mother’s heart.

Sakina is shown as a vile woman who is not getting slow, the fire of revenge and  anger has not cooled down even after watching Moosa’s downfall. She is planning to elope with her lover. She has sent his lover a message through her friend. Peer Sahab is such an honorable man that he hides nothing from Moosa’s father in law to be. He clearly states him the reason why he has abandoned Moosa. Sitara’s father is shocked to hear the reality, he cannot believe that Moosa has fallen in love with a harlot? He has already decided that he will not going marry his daughter with Moosa but Moosa’s fiance Sitara seems too disturbed she is not ready to give up, she wants to meet Moosa.

Moosa’s mother has made up her mind that she will going to meet Zohra and she will request her to leave Moosa not knowing that it is Moosa who is after her. Moosa’s mother asks Essa to take her to Zohra’s Kohta. Essa tells his mother that it was not a place worthy to visit especially for her but she insists Essa to take her there. Essa fulfills his mother’s orders and Moosa’s mother finally arrives at Zohra’s Kohta. This episodes concludes when Moosa’s mother faces Anna Jee astonishing them all with her sudden arrival.