Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton  are currently on their visit to Pakistan. Social media is full of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s visit pic. At their arrival from the airport Kate Middleton is gorgeously carrying a blue tone shalwar kameez dress which was very much resembling in the shade what Lady Diana worn on his visit to Pakistan in 90s. Second look of Kate Middleton is a pretty blue silk simle national dress designed by Maheen Khan. Then during their Lunch with PM Imran Khan Kate was wearing a green colored dress teaming with Bonanza Satrangi dupatta and Zeen’s earning. Last night the couple stunned the world by making their entry in a rickshaw on Monument Islamabad, Kate wearing a glam green dress and Prince William is slaying in a green Shirwani. The couple will visit Lahore Shaukat Khanum Hospital and they will also visit Chitral.

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🎖The Golden Rule for how to dress smart on important dates and occasions. Show respect while visiting a conservative country in wearing its traditional garment. the duchess of Cambridge wore a Shalwar Kameez, the traditional Pakistani outfit which coordinates a loose-fitting tunic top over matching pants or leggings in stylish looks. القاعدة الذهبية لكيفية ارتداء الملابس في المواعيد والمناسبات المهمة. إبداء الاحترام أثناء زيارتك لبلد محافظ بإرتداء ثيابه التقليدية. أرتدت دوقة كامبريدج شالوار كاميز ، الزي الباكستاني التقليدي الذي ينسق قميصًا فضفاضًا فوق لباس ضيق أو بنطالًا بمظهر أنيق.

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