Well this news is currently making rounds on net that Salman and Katrina is going to surprise their fans by getting married this eid well thats on screen not in real! Although we all know that Salman and Katrina shares a strong bond even after their breakup!  Currently the duo is busy in shooting a wedding sequence for their upcoming film Baharat where the both were shooting a wedding sequence for a wedding wrap. ” There are several tracks in the film, featuring on different actors but the one that’s being shot right now is a wedding number. It’s an upbeat song that gives out the festival feel as well. A lot of flowers and other decorations are being used. This will also be Salman and Kat’s second song in the film, after the one they shot in Malta,” a source was quoted saying this. Earlier another source shares that Salman’s close friends are already calling Katrina Bhabi, “Many of us call her ‘Katrina Bhabhi’. She is like that only in Bhai’s life. The dependable, most valued woman outside his mother and sisters. If Bhai had his way, he would’ve married her (Katrina) ten years ago. But she didn’t want to, for whatever reasons. Her career, perhaps. Besides Salman, the only serious relationship she got into was Ranbir Kapoor. As long as it lasted she’d run to Bhai for advice every time there was a problem with Ranbir. After she broke up with Ranbir, Salman was there to catch her from falling. I think now they are closer than ever before. Salman’s mother and sisters dote on Katrina. In fact Salman’s mother wants him to marry her,” Salman is really a gem of a person.