Sana Javed was the guest of honor on the 8th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat , hosted by Hina Bayat Khan. The two women had a jovial conversation on set and Sana let out quite a few of her closely guarded secrets. She talked about her family, career, the way her life has changed after becoming an actress and her future aspirations.

Sana Javed is known as the busiest of all actresses and she is very hard working on top of that, so she gives extra hours to practice her dialogues and gives the best possible performance.

“I enjoy when I’m rehearsing lines, because that allows me to evaluate mein kitni variation de sakti hoon”- Sana Javed.

Sana Javed didn’t plan to work as an actress, for her, it just happened. But he put in all her efforts to become the best she could. Her family was right behind her when it came to supporting her decisions.

 “There was a great deal of support from the family that made it happen”-Sana Javed

When we asked her about the beginning of her career and how she learnt to act so flawlessly, she answered, “When I started, I was learning, and then I started enjoying.”

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Sana also loves to dance and with her habit of practicing everything until it reaches perfection, she let out a secret!

“I used to do that a lot Kamra band kar k akele dance karna”

So the next time you want to break some moves, practice behind the doors until they’re smooth; a tip by the perfectionist Sana Javed.

Stay tuned for more stories and secrets of this talented young woman and many more of you favorite celebrities! Don’t forget to watch Iftar Mulaqaat every day from 6-7pm, only on Geo Kahani.