We recently heard about Sanam’s come-back and were reeling with the shock of it, and when we asked Sanam about her views on it, she was very happy and excited!!

“Isn’t it good if people are waiting eagerly to see you? They get bored sometimes seeing the same faces, on every channel — in every drama serial,” Sanam commented. “I think a break is pretty important. I have a couple of offers but I would not like to delve much into it. Let’s see how things work out.


Woah, she planned it that way!! Sanam Baloch had been out of the Drama scene and television appearances for quite a long time period, 3 years to be exact, but now she is coming back for a short film directed by Sarmad Khoosat and written by Umera Ahmed, the film pays homage to Marium Mukhtar, the first woman fighter pilot of Pakistan to die in the line of duty.


“When I came to know it’s about Marium Mukhtar and I had to portray her, I decided I have to do it no matter what, although I was in talks with someone else as well for July,” said Sanam,explaining why she definitely had to do this one!


When we asked Sanam how she felt about the come-back and what hopes and expectations she has from television she was full of glee because of the film’s story and the homage it pays to Marium Mukhtar, while she also had some fears.

“I’m very nervous. I’m always nervous about every project I sign. I always leave my work to the Almighty with a prayer that he’ll look into it,” she explained. “This time I’m extra nervous since it’s going to be my appearance after so long. This particular short film is going to be very challenging for me. I’ll have to live the life of someone extraordinary.”

Who is Excited to see Sanam Baloch Back in Dramas?

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Sanam has been widely known for being a host, and she didn’t partake in many other roles in the past three years, though she portrayed  Shahla in Doraha, and presented some spectacular work in DaastanDurr-e-Shehwar, and Kankar, her last work for the silver screen was in 2013. Since the past three years, all Sanam is doing is partaking in Morning shows, of course she blames her absence on the silver screen on her strenuous routine as a host and the work that keeps her occupied.

“Due to the tight schedule, it gets pretty hard for me to sign any serial or anything,” explained Sanam. “A few days back, Fahad Mustafa announced on his show that we both are doing a serial together. Although he has announced, but I’m pretty worried how I’m going to manage it all. Sometimes it’s extremely stressful and tiring for me.”

But here she is , all set for the role of Marium Mukhtar, We can’t wait to see Sanam in Sarmad’s short film!! Fingers crossed!!