We recently got invited for the Bloggers meet-up for Seeta  Bagri on November 12th and that left us pretty impressed! Here’s why… Every good drama we’ve  watched, had a few elements that made it so very awesome. The latest venture of TV One is even better, do you know why?

A heart wrenching story? Check

A superb cast? Check

A perfect production? Check

Some motivation? Check

A life lesson? Check

An addicting OST? Check

Promoting religious harmony and peace? Check!!

YES! That’s the latest drama, Seeta Bagri for you! Presenting you a stellar cast, big names like Bushra Ansari, Sarwat Gillani, Hassan Niazi, Qavi Khan and Jibran. The talented stars have given their best and that is paired with a near-to-perfect production. The quality of the show is flawless! The show stars Sarwat Gillani as Seeta, a motherless girl who lives with her father. The story revolves around Seeta’s romance with a Hindu boy, her love for education, her concern for her family and get fight for justice belonging to a minority group. The show has terrific music and the performances of the actors are just off the record ah-may-zing!

We can’t for it, The show that is known as one of TV One’s astounding and groundbreaking production of all time!