Well it is really sad to see people of stature comes up with something low, its kinda falling from the grace situation. Well I think grace was never there, as the criteria for winning Oscars were always belittling your own country and society. Yes Sharmeen Obaid always tried to  portray a negative image of Pakistan and recently her post and tweets regarding friend request issue is absolutely illogical.


Sharmeen Obaid three days ago tweeted about about a harassment issue she said that some Dr at Agha Khan Hospital who treated her sister have sent her sister a friend request on Facebook which she conveniently labelled as “Harassment”.  Well sending someone friend requesting or requesting is Harassment is in which angel is beyond our comprehension. She further labelled sending requests as equivalent to rape which is appalling. You cannot expect such a conservative approach that too from a liberal person like her. By the way she has deleted her Facebook post later.

Well the sad part is that all her tweets and influence of Sharmeen Obaid cost that man lost his job! He is fired from Agha Khan Hospital. We agree that it is unprofessional and unethical but it certainly cannot be labelled as harassment! Just sending a friend request cost the poor doctor his job, who is father of 4 kids and his career has ruined. Sharmeen Obaid used her power and influence and made an issue out of nothing. Sending Facebook request is certainly against the medical ethics but its a frivolous issue.

There is lot of  negative reaction outpouring in the social media from people and celebrities who believe that it is actually the Dr who has been harassed and their sympathies are with the poor guy who has lost his job. Well we  just hoping that sanity prevails.