Veteran Bollywood actress Shabanama Azmi is always  a supporter of Pakistani talent . The tension between both the countries always create lot of hurdles for the artists and filmmakers across the borders as the ban policies by both the nations restricts the promotion of art and further  cross borders collaborations. Shabana Azmi has spoken against the recent Supreme Court’s decision to ban Indian content within Pakistan, She said, “It’s an unfortunate decision because I feel that art connects and not divides people. The people of Pakistan don’t want a ban on Indian content in their country, but it is their politicians who want it. In our country too, politicians want to ban their art and artists.” He further added, “By banning, we lose an opportunity to create a large pool of talent in our subcontinent.When we visit Pakistan, we get so much of respect from their citizens and when artists from that country visit our land, they say they feel like being in their our own country.”