The master of doing  epic mimicry of Bilawal, Imran Khan, Sharukh Khan and others does not only posses have this talent but he is a multitasker too, he has successfully hosted a Live Ramadan transmission for a month then he is venturing into making his debut in film and lot more other. In one of his interviews he share his experiences of doing Ramadan transmission,”Working in a Ramadan transmission is really tough because it’s religious and has to be a little comic as well, so finding a fine line in between them both is tough”

Finally , Ramzan has ended for me , Eid Mubarak everyone

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He further shared about his film debut “I actually had a cameo in Na Maloom Afraad, which was one or one and a half second-long, but I signed Parwaaz Hay Junoon first but it got delayed. Initially I thought I could present a different side of mine with this film and I thought films aren’t able to make much of an impact, but Parwaz Hai Junoon will definitely make a difference.”

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He has much more plans for the audience,” I have been working on something big and Inshallah, I will be introducing it to the Pakistani audience in September.”