When a celebrity marries a person outside the media industry, it’s pretty obvious its for love, or that they’ve found a spark worth the risk and enough to face the wrath of their numerous fans. Same goes for Shahid Kapoor, when he married Mira Rajput his fans were outraged and since then the star has tried various times to smooth the feathers.

He is obviously smitten since the first time they met but we had no idea how much!! Now that they’re expecting Shahid takes our breath away by deciding to go on a full-fledged paternity leave to stay by Mira’s side during this time.

“I want to be around Mira during her pregnancy. This is my once in a lifetime opportunity or twice in a lifetime opportunity, maybe (laughs). I am taking a full-fledged paternity leave. I was almost 14 when my brother (Ishaan) was born. I was grown up enough to know what my mother went through during her pregnancy. So, I want to be around Mira”

Now if that isn’t proof enough of his undying devotion, we don’t know what else would be..

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