Shaniera Akram, the national bhabi recently tweeted a cute and sweetest shout out to the movie Punjab Nahi Jaaongi “Mai tou Punjab hokar aagaee” with her cutest pic <3. It seems that Punjab Nahi Jaongi craze has reached our national bhabi including others celebrities making this film one of the most popular movie of this year. Shaniera Akram tweeted one of her pic in lush green fields of Punjab from her recent visit.


Humayun Saeed was too glad for this unexpectedly cute shoot out, he promised national bhabi that he would show her the movie with English Subtitles. To which Wasim Akram intervened that he wanna watch the movie too and he needs an invitation too for which Humayun courteously replied very soon Wasim Bhai πŸ™‚ Woww what a cute little celebrity convo. Punjab Nahi Jaongi is rocking!