Well after the sleazy release of Syed Noor’s Chain aaye na Trailer, it got many negative responses from critics as well as from people and bloggers on Social media. Shehroz Subzwari seems quite chill and relaxed on it, he says I was going through a lot of scripts when Chain Aye Na came to me. It managed to intrigue me and I loved it, Syed Noor is a filmmaker I’ve been a fan of my entire life, I couldn’t say no to him, I had to take it up.”


His stance about the negative response on social media is very positive. He believes that social media does not decides a fate of a film.I have complete faith in God and Syed Noor. I’ve seen the film during dubbing, people couldn’t understand the trailer, but that doesn’t mean they won’t understand the film,” he further added  “Social media doesn’t bother me, I look at the bigger picture. In a population of over 20 Crore people, I honestly don’t care about that one fraction of people who are on Facebook. If Facebook was the decider of a film’s fate, Balu Mahi would’ve been the biggest hit of the year.”