According psychologists, the more time you’ll spend single the better you will be when you get into a relationship, after various surveys, we’ve come up with these reasons why you’re better off being single, Enjoy!

Take your time:

Of course, time is all you have in abundance when you’re single, use that time to your advantage. Its better to take your time, so that you can be ready for a relationship in the future and be fully devoted to it. Now go out and have fun, until you can, before its all regular check-ins and dates!

The right person haven’t passed by:

Of course, the right person has to walk by for you to get in a relationship. Be happy for the delay that means no more mistakes until you meet the ONE!! Stay on the look out but don’t scrutinize every body because for the right person to come by the timing needs to be right too!


Be independent before becoming codependent:

Being single teaches you a lot about yourself and also makes you become independent. Doing all your chores yourself could be a great help when you get into a relationship and become codependent. A healthier relationship, mind you!

Know thyself:

Yes! Get to know yourself and your interests before somebody else in your life influences them, either it’s a banana split or cheesecake fantasy, be sure of what you like and not before everything becomes about you both as a pair. Trust me its going to be a great help in the future when compatibility issues arise.

You have something specific in mind : Repeat with me, “I’m not being too-picky” yes, once more?

No matter what the people around you say, you can never be too picky when it comes to choosing a significant other , NEVER. You need to be sure and that just signifies that you have something in mind that youre looking for, and ots a good thing! So don’t pay heed to those people and keep up the standards!


Be sure and prepared:

In order to avoid future heartbreak and turmoil, be sure about what you want and who you want! Not only mentally prepare yourself in the single but also physically. I’m not asking you to go on a squat challenge or something, just be fit enough to enjoy all the perks of being in a relationship. “Nuff said!


Learned from the past:

Most of us are being single by choice and one of the main reasons is the past! We learned a lot of things from the previous experiences or lack thereof, they helped us be the person we are. So learn from your mistakes and create a better you, and remember, at the end of the day, to keep the past where it belongs; in the past.


What do you think about these reasons why you’re better off being single?

What are your reasons? Feel free to comment and share with all your single friends!