Fawad Khan, a name that needs no further introduction, is scaling new heights in the Film Industry, across the borders too! Seems like everybody wants a piece of Fawad, even Deepika Padukone got on a knee in the latest Iifa Awards infront of This-Handsome-Hunk! Every second advertisement features him, everybody who has a decent enough script and a big name has him on-board, what else would he want? Hollywood? With his current pace, that ain’t far away either!

In a recent interview, Fawad said he felt threatened by Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar because of their recent bollywood debuts. Well, is he being modest or sarcastic?! Starring with King Khan, in Salman Khan’s next big thing and now replacing Hrithik Roshan. If anyone, the stars from Bollywood and Lollywood, should feel threatened from, it’s him. The speed with which Fawad’s gaining success is amazing!