Well a new Punjabi song is outin the market!Yes, Sohniye is the latest song video from the upcoming prolific and amazing Pakistani singer Habib Rehman. With his soulful melody which is his signature style of singing, Habib Rehman releases this song video which is immaculately made.

Sohniye is quite unique from the typical Punjabi numbers, usually Punjabi music is more like Bhangara or more in fast numbers. There are not much soft romantic Pakistani songs made in our industry usually it is seen that Punjabi number goes more for Bhangara and fast paced dancing songs and soft romantic songs are mostly in Urdu. It is first of its kind of a Punjabi number which is bit soft and got soulful romantic appeals. Well composed and well sung!

The video of the song compliments well with the songs and the lyrics. Though it is a simple video but all artistically made goes well with the simple yet sweet lyrics of this love song. Habib Rehman is a  good addition to the world of Punjabi Music. Hope to see more  good songs coming  from him like Sohniye and kudos to him for reshaping the image of Punjabi music by introducing soft romantic to it.