A Capella song is the one where human vocals are used as music vocals and if you guys remember last Independence day Strepsils Studio brought the first A Capella song which was A Capella version of Alamgheer’s famous song Khayal Rakha. Ali Noor the  music maestro have all the credit of bringing this unique idea to Pakistan. Well the good news is that Strepsils Stereo is back again with its Season 2,and it has launched  an original song, “Mera Pakistan” featuring more than 100 voices and 9 music artists including Ali Noor, Ahsan Pervez, Shiraz Uppal, Sarah Haider, Aisha Omar, Rabi Peerzada, Kami Paul and budding artist Haddi Uppal. The number is a beautiful composition and it reminds us and for all Pakistanis the importance of  unity and  it celebrates diversity.