Well this latest Acapella version of Alamghir’s famous national song ” Khayal rakna” is alone of its kind example and is indeed an enjoyable yet it carries the same spirit of passion and patriotism. The song is featuring Ali Noor, Sara Haider, Ahsan Mehdi and Zoe & Rachel Viccaji, this rendition of the National song will make you its instant fan. Can you believe their is no musical instruments used all voices are made by  mouth.


This cool yet colorful Acapella version will make you hook, you gonna feel yourself go with the flow and the lyrics in the same Patriotic spirit! Never will you feel that passionate spirit is loosing somewhere its stays through out the song! This version has revived not only that beautiful anthem but it has done utmost justice to it.


All performers Ali Noor, Sara, Zoe, Racheal and Ahsan all have given their best and we loved their lively appearances as well as their passionate singing. Well its been on continuous repeat mode on my side and it is indeed the best tribute ever to this song and a great treat to all of us. #KhayalRakhna