Sultana Appa, a lady who is an institution in herself and a source of inspiration for many. Sultana Siddiqui is the president of one of the biggest TV network Hum Tv and it would not be wrong to say that her contribution in the showbiz industry is way huge than compare with any other. She is the first lady in Asia to own a TV Channel.

Sultana Siddiqui started her career way before in 1974 as a producer from PTV in Karachi and now she is a President of her own TV network HUM TV and she is probably the first women president of any TV channel in Pakistan. She is women of strong character and her life is full of achievements. After the time Sultana started her career in production she never look back and there is one milestone to another and another in her life. After working as producer in PTV she joined Eye Television Network under which her own four cable channels working successfully including  HUM TV which is listed among the top 25 companies acknowledged by the Karachi Stock Exchange.

Under her skillful direction HUM TV flourished into a successful and one of the best TV networks of Pakistan. Under her direction HUM TV won Lux Style Awards four times consecutively. Apart from Chanel progress, Sultana Appa has produced and polished many stars. HUM TV dramas are considered the  best and classy not only in Pakistan but across borders and to all the places where Urdu is spoken.Hum Awards are considered as state of the art kind of awards in Pakistan.

#sultanasiddiqui addressing the media at the #HumAwards press conference

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Sultana Siddiqui won Pride of Performance Award by Government of Pakistan. She won many National Awards for direction and production and related fields. In 2014 she was awarded “Leadership Award 2014” by CEO Club & Manager Today Magazine acknowledging  her work as “true entrepreneur and leader of Pakistan who is steering the nation and nurturing the upcoming generation with hope and professionalism” In 2015 Sultana Appa was honoured with Scroll of Honour Award at the 5th GR8 Women Awards held in Dubai.

As a public speaker Sultana Appa spoke on many local and International forums including US Islamic World Forum 2013 held in Doha Qatar and he 2014 Women Leadership Forum held in Silicon Valley, California.Sultana Appa through her quality drama addressed many issues related to women and her drama raised voices about women rights and women empowerment.Sultana Appa paved way to many women and is inspiration for many. 

Keep inspiring us <3