When we met Sunita Marshal on the sets of Iftaar Mulaqaat, she was the guest of honor for their 15th episode. The woman was every bit stunning in real life as she looks on the covers of different magazines and sauntering around on runways. Hina Bayat is the host of the show and both women had a marvelous conversation, which ranged from Sunita’s personal life to her career and her preferences.


Though it’s not a hidden fact that Sunita is of Christian faith, there are still some things bout which everybody is intrigued. So we asked her how she felt in Ramadan and her answer was beautiful and awe-inspiring!


“I’ve never felt alienated when it comes to Ramadan. In fact I enjoy it with my husband (Hassan) and children (all Muslims) and make iftaar for them.”

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Not only that she likes to spend time with her family, she even cooks for them. She also liked Ramadan in general, because of the increased generosity and spirituality of the people around her.

“Ramzan is such a fun month. We enjoy aftari and pakoras and such festivities.”-Sunita Marshal

Though it was a little hard to believe, and looking at the stupefied expressions the actress chuckled and reassured us by saying, “I do take part in cooking even apart from Ramadan”. She tries to cook herself so that her kids get the best and healthiest meal possible.

 “May koshish karti hun k bachon ko ghar ka khana khilaon”-Sunita Marshal

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