Although it seemed as id Syra Sabzwari was everywhere in 2016, with the amount of billboards she was featured on, her debut movie isn’t out yet! Chalay Thay Sath, Syra’s debut movie is all about her finding love. The best part? It’s an unconventional love story! Oh, wait, the best is yet to come, she won’t be falling in love with a ‘gora’; a westerner or even a Britisher. Although, them accents are worth falling for…. For the first time, you will experience Pak-China romance. yeah.. take that in… don’t worry, we confirmed it from Shamim Hilaly, you will not have waste time reading subtitles because Kent knows English. “We’ve seen films that highlight our relationship with the US and even Afghanistan, but we wanted to focus on Pakistan and China’s relationship,” the director of CTS. With the advent of CPEC in the horizon, this is a great start to celebrating and acknowledging Pak-China friendship that is otherwise underrated. Honestly, we don’t care much for other factors except watching Syra and the budding romance, stay tuned for more details!!

Syra's unconventional love story in Chalay Thay Saath. #Tweetistan #PakistaniFilm #PakistaniCinema

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