This May, hold your horses and take it in,as Meesha Shafi the edgy and unexcelled singer and songwriter, after her recent comeback, an actress too, is having the time of her life, or maybe her career?

Meesha Shafi She took hold of our hearts with that unique rich and melodious voice of hers, from coke studio to the soundtracks of Moor and Manto. Then this beautiful woman took our breath away with her cunning and statuesque performance starring in Sarmad Khoosat’s epic fantasy Mor Mahal.

Meesha Shafi

If you think nothing could be better then watching her perform live in San Francisco, Chicago, New York , Washington DC and Boston, this month, think again, Meesha would be joined by the folk legend Arif Lohar during this tour. The Jugni partners will be performing live in the US from 13th to 22nd May.

Meesha Shafi & Arif LoharMeesha ShafiMeesha Shafi & Arif Lohar

Over the course of years we’ve seen this young lady tackle multiple fields and evolve from a singer and songwriter to an actress and a fashion icon, leaving behind an awestruck audience and making a mark like no other.


You can follow Meesha the Rockstar on insta <3

Till then enjoy her performance clip  🙂