With the recent media attention driven towards an incident that happened in an zoo in Ohio, US, everybody seems to have their own opinion, why though?!

Its never a choice, a life is life, whether it’s a child’s or a an animal’s. Mistakes were done on both parts, the parent weren’t paying attention to their own and the zoo folks, in order to save the child acted in total hast without thinking.Harambe-Justice

If you’ve seen the latest video leaked from the scene, Harambe (the 17-year-old Gorilla) was trying to protect the kid when the crowd started making a lot of noise, would it be too cruel to try firing a tranquilizer dart instead of a bullet?!

If you’ve gotta sue someone, sue the parents, the zoo’s management AND the onlookers who created such a ruckus that caused the poor animal to panic because it’s all their fault!


“A 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe is dead, and a child is in the hospital. Why?” blogger Jennifer O’Connor wrote. “Western lowland gorillas are gentle animals. They don’t attack unless they’re provoked.”

Exactly, the child didn’t look scared, yes it was a precarious situation but who asked anybody to act before thinking on it! A life is a life and its precious!

Your Thoughts??? Human Life or #JusticeForHarambe #Debate on #SocialMedia now a days #Harambe

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“If we think it’s acceptable to kill a gorilla who has done nothing wrong, I don’t think our city should have gorillas,” Manvinder Singh posted on the Facebook page, “Justice For Harambe” created after the incident.

The situation could have ended so differently if anybody present had the brain cells to think logically but so many humans on the other side of the fence couldn’t even manage to save two innocent lives together. It’s such a shame!