Written by the ever popular and most-read author of Pakistan, Umera Ahmed, Thora sa Aasman will shake up your world for sure! Umera is widely known for her thought provoking writing and touching up issues that no one else does. Perhaps the beauty of her writing is in the simple way she portrays complicated issues and anathemas.

Thora Sa Aasman will touch everybody’s hearts because of the wide range of stories it covers, this serial will show the lives of 7 women; each going through traumas and hardships of their own. You might wonder what’s so alluring about women having problems?! The beauty here is in the way each woman has their own strengths and ways to deal with the problems they face. The stories are separate yet intricately connected to each other.

The director of this drama is Nadeem Siddiqui and he made sure to do justice to the excellent penmanship done by Umera Ahmed. Same goes for the cast, some very big names and super-talented actors and actresses, flawless performance is ensured in advance here!

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Thora Sa Aasman is a serial covering up five different stories of seven women; belonging from all kinds of backgrounds and social classes. Zeba Bakhtiyar and Ushna Shah portray women of stature, but are both facing troubles of their own, brought upon by the men in their lives. While Ushna gives up and takes help from another man, Zeba holds true to her principles and compromises with life so that she could save her marriage.

Zeba Bakhtiyar is a beautiful woman no doubt, but her acting skills are amazing too, and to this age she seems to be the most coveted actress on the screen! While Ushna is relatively new to the world of media, the success of Bashar Momin speaks for her. Nobody needs an introduction for the sensitivity and emotions brought upon the viewers by Yasra Rizvi. Yasra is perfect when it comes to acting and bringing the characters to life.


While the story revolves around women and their traumas, a drama is nothing without the male actors, and with names like Aly Khan and Babar Ali in the cast, the drama would be something worth watching!

Stay tuned for Thora Sa Aasman every Saturday at 8 pm only on Geo Entertainment. What better way to spend your weekend than watching these handsome men and beautiful talented women, portraying the realities of life.