Well the post where Ali Azmat was asking his fans that do you want to see Junoon reunited this year ? took all Junoon fans by storm and became so viral that it is now became the talk of the town but is this news really true. Well those who grew up in 90s must really know about this great Sufi Rock band which comprises of Ali Azmat as lead vocalist , Salman Ahmed and Brian O Connell guitars. Well this post by Ali Azmat has revived all the sweet memories and it has raised  expectations of fans.

The post by Khalid Bajwa, co-founder of Patari who revealed through his FB post that there were no such concrete plans as yet. “Unfortunately no discussions for Junoon’s reunion have taken place so far. I hope with all my heart this happens, but for now, its nothing but a Facebook status,” has died all auch hopes but if Ali Azmat has posted such thing there must be something cooking. Hmmm excitement not died yet.