Dairyl and private Ltd is one of the largest and most modern farms in Pakistan, it houses more than 4000 cows.  The company works around a simple but powerful philosophy that revolves around two impressionable words, “Live Real.” Due to this idealogy Dayfresh farms work twice as hard as other farms to create a brand that inspires health and livelihood in the society!



Yes, in a world where artificial flavoring is added to food and REAL lemon extract is added to soaps and dish washes, it’s hard to wrap our heads around the concept of a preservative free milk brand.

The event started when we  found a pretty elaborate brochure in the mail, and intrigued we followed the instructions to find out the truth behind their claims!

The day spent exploring the farms was very informative to see in the least. Austrailian cows, Egyptian workers, extra care about the hygiene, we felt like walking in an airport terminal, new sights and smells everywhere, just kidding, the smell still reminded us of Eid-ul-Adha, somewhat tamed…Still, the Egyptians are really professional and good at what they do!

The RnD department was a  personal favorite! The human resource management of such a diverse and skilled workforce is also laudable. From grass to glass’ was quite a powerful slogan! The cows they have are like this privileged class of the world’s cows, imported from Australia, with their own RFID chips, taken care of and handled perfectly, What’s more. They had separate maternity wards for the expecting mothers, we mean, cows.. Absorb that, yes.

6 steps for the Real milk. #Dayfresh #LiveReal #RealNutrition #Realmilkprocess

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Even got lucky enough to witness the birth of a calf right there and that was magnificent! The overall tour was amazing!! They served us a delectable lunch and it was accompanied by one of their new range of flavored milks! The Dayfresh brand really lives up to their name and every drop is really fresher than all those pout there.