It’s no secret, as the storyline and cast details of Dhanak are out, that the movie revolves around two talented children. Hetal Gadda and Krrish Chhabria are the two child stars who will be acting in the movie, as Pari and Chhotu.


The orphaned kids live in a beautiful village in Rajasthan with their aunt and uncle. Chotu is visually impaired and Pari promises him that she will get his eyesight back before his 9th birthday, though she doesn’t know how.


The story unfolds beautifully when both children take sides of their idols, Chotu is seen wearing a turquoise bracelet like Salman Khan and also copying a lot of his maneuvers, While Pari is a staunch believer of Shahrukh Khan, so much that she believes he will be able help Chotu regain his eyesight.
Though the children are young they performed exceptionally well and the director who had sworn off against working with kids, said that, “when one gets to make a film like Dhanak, one forgets the pain endured while shooting with children.”

Stay tuned for Dhanak releasing on 17th June under the banner of HUM Films in Pakistan, a movie that will teach you many things about the beauty of life, bond of love among siblings and two children’s faith in their innocent beliefs!